Friday, November 16, 2007

The Cross is Secular?

Melissa Underwood of FoxNews is reporting that atheists in Utah have filed suit against the state to have memorials for fallen Highway Patrolmen removed from roadsides. According to the article:

American Atheists Inc. has filed a federal lawsuit, arguing that the 13 white, steel crosses represent the death of Jesus Christ and therefore violate the First Amendment to the Constitution, which prohibits government establishment of religion.

This is indeed a tragedy that anyone would contest such a noble memorial. It shows the growing desire of the Atheist community to not merely ignore God, but to actively push God out of the public sector...a sort of evangelical atheism.

My major concern, however, is this paragraph in the article:

The Utah Highway Patrol Association defends the crosses, which have the Highway Patrol logo on them and have been erected on government land. It says they are secular symbols that both honor the troopers and remind speeding drivers to slow down.

Unfortunately for us, the American Atheists Inc. have a better understanding of the meaning and purpose of the cross than does the Utah Highway Patrol Association. Without Christ, the cross has no significance at all for today, save the reminder of the torturous death that many have endured over the years. The only meaning for the cross is Christ who hung upon one to save men and women from their sins.

Obviously, it is crazy to suggest that the crosses should be removed, but this story should be eye-opening for everyone. It is a sad day when Americans need to be educated on the significance of the Cross from Atheists.
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