Thursday, September 20, 2007


It is safe to say that Johnny Hunt is one of the most amazing pastors and preachers in the world; and I love to listen to him. Yesterday, I listened to one of his sermons and not only was it great, but he reminded me of some things that I had not thought about in a while (On a side note, that's one of the great things about preaching and teaching. Even when you don't learn something new, you get reminded and re-energized about something you knew already). Here's what Johnny said, 97% of people who come to Christ do so because they were contacted by one of the following people:

What does that mean? That means that if you really want your brother, or your sister, your boss or your employee, your workout partner or your neighbor to come to the Lord, there's only a three percent chance that a stranger will introduce them to Jesus. People come to the Lord because one of their FRAN's either shares the gospel with them or loves them enough to invite them to church. So, don't go to your pastor and ask him to witness to your sister, it probably won't work. But, if you grab her by the hand, tell her you love her, and invite her to church, you just might get the opportunity to hold her hand as she accepts Jesus.
So, let's make every Sunday a "bring a FRAN" day. Can you imagine how the churches of America would explode if Christians would do simple things like inviting people to church?

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Bradley Smith said...

Craig, I am a member of FBCW and agree that Johnny Hunt is one of the best Gospel preachers I've ever heard. Regarding FRANs, I was lost but searching for years and NO ONE EVER invited me to church with them. I would have gone. I am thankful that my best friend (who later became my wife)lived as a Christian and through her example, more than her testimony or urgings, lead me back from years of backsliding.
After hearing, Johnny's sermon on FRANs, I started inviting almost everybody I talk to. I just assume everyone is unchurched until and unless they tell me otherwise.