Monday, December 11, 2006


Fox News is reporting that an airport in Seattle, Washington has removed all of its Christmas decorations to avoid being offensive to anyone. Needless to say, the airport did not seem too concerned over the millions of Christians who are probably offended every Christmas by a society that works very hard to push anything that could be translated as Christian out of a holiday that would not even exist without Christ. But really, should Christians be surprised when Christ is pushed out of Christmas? Absolutely not, after all, it was Herod who tried to trick the Magi into giving up the Christ child so that he could have him killed.

There has been an effort to push Jesus away since he was born over two thousand years ago. The problem is not that people do not want Christ in Christmas, it is that Christ is not welcomed in their hearts. Welcoming Christ means accepting all that he had to say and all that he did. Needless to say, that is not a popular concept. The world desires to view Jesus Christ as some sort of rock star to be printed on T-Shirts, but of course, very few people are willing to accept Christ as he is. Not a rock-star, but the Rock of Ages. He is the Lord of the universe and he desires to be more than a conversation piece, he will settle for nothing less than total control over our lives, but it is up to us to surrender our control to him.

Why is Christ being removed from Christmas? It's not because the world hates Christians, they hate our Lord. We should not be surprised, he told us this was coming.

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