Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Standing Ovation

An excerpt from my journal….

I truly believe that Christian discipleship is a task requiring study and work. However, sometimes I may expect too much, I just don’t know. Should I applaud even the smallest advancement in devotion or understanding, or should I demand more?

One thing is sure, if I should expect more, I must work to express my expectations with an attitude of applause. Even the smallest advancement is worthy of praise, but the experienced (not necessarily mature yet) Christian must not be left to crawl when he or she should be walking or running. I must work to coach in different ways. Everyone does not respond in the same way; therefore, I must work to approach people differently. My tone must speak of encouragement and praise rather than frustration. The fact that a person is making some attempt at growing in their faith, even if not a satisfactory one, is reason to applaud. After all, applause will often spur one on to greater victories than all of the “boos” in the world.

Maybe this will benefit someone else.

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