Thursday, February 09, 2006

Protect Yourself

I have been doing a lot with the dangers of the internet lately. I have not mentioned the dangers of pornography on the internet, but I wanted to say a quick word of caution regarding this very issue. It has been said by at least one prominent pastor that pornography will reek havoc on our society and in our churches to a greater degree than we have seen in drugs or alcohol. Realizing that we are all sinners, we are all susceptible to the temptations of this lifestyle on the internet. Accountability is essential in this important area, and I want to encourage everyone to look into an accountability system that guards your use of the internet. There are many software manufacturers who have produced products to give accountability in internet use.

One website to visit concerning this important issue is I do not agree with everything that is published on this site (I think the guys go a bit over the top sometimes), but it is a great resource for anyone struggling with pornography addictions and for anyone who hopes to never have this battle. They also offer a free accountability software download. The best offense is a good defense and that is especially true with pornography. The better you protect yourself from porn, the better chance you have at becoming or remaining victorious in the battle.

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